Rates - Brian Plunkett


Photo Shoots

$100 per hour of shooting on location. (Two hour minimum)

You can split the cost with up to three people. Number of images yielded is dependent on the location and complexity of the photos. Photos with flash take longer to set up and will yield a lower quantity of images. I will send you any of the images taken within two weeks of shooting. Personal use of images is permitted, however, if the images are going to be sold to outside companies that needs to be stipulated ahead of time. Images will be shared in high quality JPEG formatting VIA Google Drive. If you desire a different formatting please let me know ahead of time.

-Note: You will not pay for photo preparation, travel, or editing time. This usually takes as much if not more time than the shooting. Three hours of shooting generally takes a total of 6-8 hours of work. 

Photo Licensing

$200 per photo licensed 

This gives you full rights to utilize a photo on website, social media, print advertisement or any other medium. This does not give you the right to sell the photo to another person/company. I still maintain rights to post a photo or sell the image to other companies. If you would like exclusive rights to an image please contact me to negotiate a price.

To get an idea of the quality of my work please click here - Photo Examples 

To book a session click the email icon at the bottom of the page to request a date and location.

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