About the Photographer - Brian Plunkett

About Me

A Rider

My name is Brian Plunkett and I have been riding bikes since 2010. I have been able to ride in multiple states, but primarily enjoy the trail in Orange County. I have ridden dozens of trails and explored numerous zones around Southern California. I am currently riding a Santa Cruz Nomad and a Trek Session. I usually like to ride more technical terrain and spend most of my time riding out in Laguna. 

A Photographer

In 2015 I began to take some pictures of my buddies for fun. Biking has become such a huge part of my life and I wanted to have something to show for it when it was all said and done. At first, I just wanted some basic pictures to capture the moment, but of course as time went on, I wanted more. I started to get so stoked on the shots that I just wanted to shoot. I have found that I am just as excited about a great shot as a great day of riding. I decided to take photo seriously and began focusing on improving. In my pursuit to improve, I've invested in nice gear and hundreds of hours learning how to use it. I want to  fuel my passion and have started to provide photos for local companies. If you are interested in using one of my photos, or having me come out for a shoot please contact me using the links below!

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